by Jenice Todd

Have you ever had that moment in time when there is no agenda? And proper planning don’t exist? When you don’t give damn about the calls you have missed? and enjoying life is not this great risk?

Where the need to control what comes next is irrelevant; destination points to nowhere and the to-do list is an illusion. Thoughts are pleasant and it doesn’t matter if it rains or snows chances are you might not even know.

Entertainment is the loose gossip among friends where language is not censored and topics are not fixed and no one has to be right but drinks must have ice.

Where familiar turf now becomes spirited adventurous grounds where no one wears a frown and laughter is at its best for this domain will have no less.

Where you breathe easy, laugh loudly, dance untamed to the tune in your head, and each mile travelled is like drifting into new paradise where food taste better, rum is the chosen liquor and you bask in it for there is no pressure.

Where everything simple is highlighted bold for it now contributes to the relaxation of the soul.

To most I might appear to be irresponsible and need guidance for I have no plan perhaps yes, but you will never know until you’ve experience what it is to free flow.

Published by Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown

God-Lover, Mother, Wife, Physician, MBA, Language-Lover, Arts-Lover, Happy Caribbean Girl!

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