A Chat With Corona- A Jamaican Declaration of Victory

by Jenice Todd

Hi, my name is Corona, born and bred in China and I am a virus. I have traveled the world- Italy, England, France, Germany, Africa, Iran, Spain and America.  Now I am here in this beautiful island of Jamaica. I am not friendly, for now I am without a cure and my intentions are to infect the people from shore to shore.

Everywhere I have been I have brought the sting of death and for you the people, I have no regret. I have anchored great ships, closed borders, airports, churches, schools, restaurants and bars and for this my name will ink the pages of history like a great war.

Did I tell you my name is Corona? I have infected Heads of State, Princes, Pastors, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Policemen, Soldiers, Doctors, and Nurses.

I am to be feared. For when it comes to status, race, religion, money or fame, I simply don’t care.

Well Corona, I am Jamaica, A nation divided by politics and class, but will not be wiped out and documented as the pass.

My people have armed themselves with alcohol, peroxide, sanitizer, bleach, soap and water. And don’t you think, don’t you dare think that the washing of hands is our only plan.

My people have distanced themselves from each other. Three feet, six feet and sometimes even more, and this practice will continue until you are expelled from our shores. They have quickly learnt the importance of staying at home. For we will not be overthrown like New York, London, Rome.

See Corona I know all about you. You are an imported vicious assassin. Oh yes you are feared, and because of you, the whole world is running scared. But you are very soon to be without a head. For we have been informed on how to stop your spread.  

I am Jamaica and this conversation is over.

Published by Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown

God-Lover, Mother, Wife, Physician, MBA, Language-Lover, Arts-Lover, Happy Caribbean Girl!

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