M Parley is all about sensible talk! There is a lot of talk in the world but the ratio of nonsense to sense is way too high. M Parley therefore was created as a platform for talk, expression, debates, discussion etc of all kinds with the sole criteria that it be sensible! We have a special preference for health topics since our founder is a physician but we like to talk or write about anything!

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Dr Makini McGuire-Brown (BSc, MBBS, MBA)
M Parley Founder


I really like to talk. Throughout school my teachers’ comment to my parents would always be “Makini is a great student, but she talks too much!” No lies were told!

As it turns out that talking turned out to make for pretty decent writing. It also hasn’t inhibited my success. So, after medical school, business school, marriage and children, here I am continuing to talk!

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