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Parley Sessions

At M Parley we facilitate discussions in various formats, live and virtual, with a primary focus on health related topics. Book us for:

  • Awkward Teenage Health topics
  • Child Health Explanations
  • School discussions
  • Church discussions
  • Seminars
  • Community discussions
  • Individual/Small group Discussions
  • More!

Parley Parchment

M Parley began through the sharing of sensible articles! It is our first love. We are able to deliver on all your writing needs. Hire us for:

  • Opinion Articles
  • Medical Articles
  • Business/Technical Writing
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Writing/Essay/Homework Assistance (Virtual)
  • More!

Parley Poetry

We provide you with personalised poetry for any occassion. Written or audio, get that special poem written for your loved one! Consult us for:

  • Birthday Poetry
  • Anniversary/Engagement Poetry
  • Retirement Party Poetry
  • Business/Branding Poetry
  • Mother’s/Father’s Day Poetry
  • Special Occasion Poetry
  • More!

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