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Exercise: “The Cure” Part 2- Exercise and Hypertension

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown This is part 2 of our Exercise: “The Cure” series in which we try to emphasise how important it is to exercise and how the positive effects of exercise are widespread particularly with respect to the benefits it offers in controlling and “curing” lifestyle diseases. In part 1 we did aContinue reading “Exercise: “The Cure” Part 2- Exercise and Hypertension”

Breast We Can!

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown As we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month I felt that it was important to do just that, celebrate! Celebrate the scientific progress, celebrate the survivors, celebrate the fighters and celebrate the lives of those who fought for as long as they could. This year I want to show how far we’veContinue reading “Breast We Can!”

Exercise: “The Cure” Lifestyle Disease Series Part 1

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown It’s funny how people are always looking for a miracle remedy to “cure” something or everything. Funny because most illnesses unfortunately aren’t cured but controlled and also because there is one super control factor that is conveniently overlooked most times because of laziness! This article therefore is meant to be aContinue reading “Exercise: “The Cure” Lifestyle Disease Series Part 1”

COVID-19: The Rare but Scary Possibilities Part 2

Part 2: COVID-19 and Guillain Barre Syndrome by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown This is Part 2 of our COVID-19 Rare but Scary Possibilities. Last time we discussed the appearance of a Kawasaki-like illness in some children who have contracted this novel coronavirus; read more about that here. Today we will discuss Guillain Barre Syndrome which hasContinue reading “COVID-19: The Rare but Scary Possibilities Part 2”

COVID-19: The Rare but Scary Possibilities

Part 1: COVID-19, Children & Kawasaki Disease by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown As so many countries rollback re-opening plans across the world because of the reality that COVID-19, a highly infectious virus, is still present and active, I thought it would be worthwhile to explain a few of the scary, albeit rare, possibilities of the sequelaeContinue reading “COVID-19: The Rare but Scary Possibilities”

What We Should Thank COVID-19 For- From Pressure Comes Diamonds

By Dr Makini McGuire-Brown So yes, I acknowledge the devastation that COVID-19 has caused the world. As a physician with ICU experience I know the dread of impending respiratory arrest, futile mechanical ventilation and feeling like a constant loser. Virus: 304,000; Physician: 0. But today we are going to park that depression and kill COVIDContinue reading “What We Should Thank COVID-19 For- From Pressure Comes Diamonds”


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