Parley Sessions


Book us for Stimulating Discussions on Health and Social Issues

facilitated by

Physician and M Parley Founder

Dr Makini McGuire-Brown

Want a Health Topic explained? To a Child? Teen? Yourself? A Group? Then Send us a message today!

Bring your group together and let’s Parley!

  • Pick a topic or we can pick one for you
  • Listen to an engaging talk by Dr McGuire-Brown OR
  • Have a video made especially for your group!
  • Ask questions; voice concerns; voice a different opinion!
  • Children of all Ages
  • Awkward Teenage Conversations
  • School discussions
  • Church discussions
  • Seminars
  • Community discussions
  • Individual/Small group Discussions
  • More!

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Intriguing Topics and Perspectives!
Dr McGuire-Brown explains!

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