Exercise: “The Cure” Part 5- How Much? What Type?

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown The Exercise- “The Cure” series continues today! How much exercise should you do? What type of exercise should you do? Part 5 is also available on video here! Before we get into specifics there are a few important foundational points I want to get clear! Active is better than sedentary! JustContinue reading “Exercise: “The Cure” Part 5- How Much? What Type?”

Exercise: “The Cure” Part 4- Exercise and High Cholesterol

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown The Exercise- “The Cure” series continues today with a focus on the benefits of exercise for high cholesterol! If this is the first article you are reading in this series, thus far we’ve covered the overall benefits of exercise, then we focused on high blood pressure and diabetes. Catch up withContinue reading “Exercise: “The Cure” Part 4- Exercise and High Cholesterol”

Exercise: “The Cure” Part 3- Exercise and Diabetes

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown Have you been keeping up with our Exercise: “The Cure” series?! If this is the first article of this series that you’re reading, this series is all about the numerous benefits of exercise particularly for preventing and treating lifestyle diseases. We reviewed the overall benefits in the first article and weContinue reading “Exercise: “The Cure” Part 3- Exercise and Diabetes”

Exercise: “The Cure” Part 2- Exercise and Hypertension

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown This is part 2 of our Exercise: “The Cure” series in which we try to emphasise how important it is to exercise and how the positive effects of exercise are widespread particularly with respect to the benefits it offers in controlling and “curing” lifestyle diseases. In part 1 we did aContinue reading “Exercise: “The Cure” Part 2- Exercise and Hypertension”

Exercise: “The Cure” Lifestyle Disease Series Part 1

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown It’s funny how people are always looking for a miracle remedy to “cure” something or everything. Funny because most illnesses unfortunately aren’t cured but controlled and also because there is one super control factor that is conveniently overlooked most times because of laziness! This article therefore is meant to be aContinue reading “Exercise: “The Cure” Lifestyle Disease Series Part 1”