Going Back to School with COVID-19

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown If you didn’t listen in my previous article, take the time to listen now! COVID-19 will be around for some time yet! School is re-opening in some form or another in many places; some in-person, some completely online, some blended. If your children are attending school completely online then hopefully you’veContinue reading “Going Back to School with COVID-19”

COVID-19: Vaccines, Herd Immunity, What’s it All About?

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown I think everyone has come to terms with the fact that the novel Coronavirus is here to stay for a long time (and if you haven’t, you need to accept it). As restrictions continue in various forms and as countries cycle through re-opening and closing back down again, people must beContinue reading “COVID-19: Vaccines, Herd Immunity, What’s it All About?”

COVID-19: The Rare but Scary Possibilities Part 2

Part 2: COVID-19 and Guillain Barre Syndrome by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown This is Part 2 of our COVID-19 Rare but Scary Possibilities. Last time we discussed the appearance of a Kawasaki-like illness in some children who have contracted this novel coronavirus; read more about that here. Today we will discuss Guillain Barre Syndrome which hasContinue reading “COVID-19: The Rare but Scary Possibilities Part 2”

COVID-19: The Rare but Scary Possibilities

Part 1: COVID-19, Children & Kawasaki Disease by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown As so many countries rollback re-opening plans across the world because of the reality that COVID-19, a highly infectious virus, is still present and active, I thought it would be worthwhile to explain a few of the scary, albeit rare, possibilities of the sequelaeContinue reading “COVID-19: The Rare but Scary Possibilities”

Mental Slavery: 1980-2020?

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown So my articles usually always have a medical application and this one will be no different. I’ve made my statement that Racism is Stupid and you can view that here, but today I want to highlight a pet peeve of mine and one that I believe needs just as much emphasis.Continue reading “Mental Slavery: 1980-2020?”

What We Should Thank COVID-19 For- From Pressure Comes Diamonds

By Dr Makini McGuire-Brown So yes, I acknowledge the devastation that COVID-19 has caused the world. As a physician with ICU experience I know the dread of impending respiratory arrest, futile mechanical ventilation and feeling like a constant loser. Virus: 304,000; Physician: 0. But today we are going to park that depression and kill COVIDContinue reading “What We Should Thank COVID-19 For- From Pressure Comes Diamonds”

An Ode to the Old- COVID-19 and More

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown Life events and COVID-19 got me thinking about the elderly and the lack of recognition and care given to them at times. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the US, 8 out of 10 deaths from COVID-19 have been in adults over 65 years old.  Unfortunately,Continue reading “An Ode to the Old- COVID-19 and More”

Lessons from COVID-19: Humanity, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, several influential people in our world have taken the time to reflect on the lessons that we can and should learn from this global emergency. I’m not going to talk about the total lack of preparedness and the lessons that so many governments around theContinue reading “Lessons from COVID-19: Humanity, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine”