So Many Reasons for Infertility

Recognising the struggles of infertility and the strength of those going through it!

M Parley’s Interview with Nana Ama Addo of Fun Times Magazine

Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown, a Trinidadian-born, Jamaican educated, and Canada-based family medicine doctor, advises people to note that the vaccine is not about individuals getting vaccinated, but rather about the sum of the population becoming vaccinated for public safety.

M Parley’s Quick Start Guide to Understanding Your Medication

We did a previous series on tips for understanding your diagnosis and what questions you should ask your doctor to help you understand! But what good is understanding the diagnosis without understanding the treatment right?! Many times, treatment involves medication. People are often quite suspicious or concerned about medications and this is understandable. So here is M Parley’s Quick Start Guide to Understanding Your Medication!

Doctor I Don’t Understand! Pt 3

Better outcomes of an illness derive from patient motivation and patient motivation is best come by through knowledge. A patient who truly understands his/her diagnosis is more likely to understand the treatment and therefore more likely to commit to it with a positive attitude which makes all the difference. So to this end we started our ten question guide to asking you doctor questions to understanding your illness.