Mental Slavery: 1980-2020?

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown So my articles usually always have a medical application and this one will be no different. I’ve made my statement that Racism is Stupid and you can view that here, but today I want to highlight a pet peeve of mine and one that I believe needs just as much emphasis.Continue reading “Mental Slavery: 1980-2020?”

TIME- A Precious Commodity

by Jenice Todd “I have all the time in the world” we all say at some point. Truth be told there isn’t enough time. It’s a struggle to be on time I know, but with a little effort you’ll make it in time. Stay focused because it’s your time. No fooling around, being lazy, wastingContinue reading “TIME- A Precious Commodity”

What We Should Thank COVID-19 For- From Pressure Comes Diamonds

By Dr Makini McGuire-Brown So yes, I acknowledge the devastation that COVID-19 has caused the world. As a physician with ICU experience I know the dread of impending respiratory arrest, futile mechanical ventilation and feeling like a constant loser. Virus: 304,000; Physician: 0. But today we are going to park that depression and kill COVIDContinue reading “What We Should Thank COVID-19 For- From Pressure Comes Diamonds”

PEARL- A Mother’s Day Tribute

by Jenice Todd Pearls are forever. You are a gem of great worth and beauty. Created in an ocean so vast but yet you choose us. Magnificent is the generosity of your hearts glow. Precious and rare is your vibrant laughter; a gift we all are so blessed to share. Through many battles of the oceansContinue reading “PEARL- A Mother’s Day Tribute”

An Ode to the Old- COVID-19 and More

by Dr Makini McGuire-Brown Life events and COVID-19 got me thinking about the elderly and the lack of recognition and care given to them at times. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the US, 8 out of 10 deaths from COVID-19 have been in adults over 65 years old.  Unfortunately,Continue reading “An Ode to the Old- COVID-19 and More”