TIME- A Precious Commodity

by Jenice Todd

“I have all the time in the world” we all say at some point. Truth be told there isn’t enough time. It’s a struggle to be on time I know, but with a little effort you’ll make it in time.

Stay focused because it’s your time. No fooling around, being lazy, wasting time. Before you know it things can go horribly wrong and you’re doing time; another unproductive way of passing time. And when you finally wake up to face all you have missed, reality whispers you’re way behind time.

Be strong, listen to wisdom, want knowledge and be patient. Don’t foolishly think you have tomorrow and waste today for only your mind can go back in time. Please understand it’s now time. Let the world know that the arrogance and attitude was only for a time and you’re now ready to be that person who makes time.

I trust you realise it’s high time. You will never have enough to buy time. Respect time, for you can’t stop time. Believe it or not, it’s this easy to be out of time.

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Published by Dr. Makini McGuire-Brown

God-Lover, Mother, Wife, Physician, MBA, Language-Lover, Arts-Lover, Happy Caribbean Girl!

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